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Submission Policies

Welcome to TheatreArtists!
Please state your relationship to the work in your description of the work you submit i.e. set designer, assistant lighting designer, properties artisan, properties designer, publicity manager and so on. We want to celebrate what work you have done on the piece you submit! It also helps us put it into the correct category.

This is a group for all types of theatre artists. Please submit your theatre related deviations: scenic design, photography, costume design, lighting design, prop artistry, makeup design, poster design, etc.

To Contribute Artwork

1. Join TheatreArtists as a Member.
2. Click on the Submit Art Button on the front page.
2. Click on the gallery tab, then the + sign on the Featured folder.

All submissions go to the featured folder, and we place your artwork in the right category if it is accepted.

Submission Policies
:bulletblack: Please only submit one deviation per week.
:bulletblack: Mature content will not be accepted at this time.
:bulletblack: Designs should be for musicals or straight plays.*
:bulletblack: Two deviations of the same work or strikingly similar works may not be accepted. This is to keep variation in our gallery.
:bulletblack: Please state your relationship to the work in your description of the work you submit i.e. set designer, assistant lighting designer, properties artisan, properties designer, publicity manager and so on. We want to celebrate what work you have done on the piece you submit! It also helps us put it into the correct category.

*Check our affiliates for your work that is not exactly theatre oriented. We have a very supportive group of affiliates!


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Allow me to introduce our judges for this challenge!
christiano2211, willjamesstacey, tanafeyroyale, and Andichan04. We have 14 entries into this challenge, and the judges will need at least two weeks to review them.

He is a Brazilian painter (his name is : christiano de moraes) who exercised his activity in the area of set design especially for television commercials. His gallery is full of exceptional fine art as well as fantastic scenic art.  Here is a representation of his lovely work.
Actress studying the script (Graphical scenery) by christiano2211

Will James is an American set and lighting designer. He has designed and/or installed lighting, scenery, graphic art, costumes, projections, and logistics for a variety of productions across the country. His credits include: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hair, Next to Normal, Tarzan the Musical, 9 to 5 the Musical, Thrill Me, Carousel, Chicago, and  Lend Me A Tenor to name a few. Here is a representation of his imaginative work.
The Diviners by willjamesstacey

Tia is an American writer, playwright, and photographer. Her representative work was written two years ago, and last year it was picked to be produced as part of a yearly ten-minute play festival at the Short Attention Span Theatre where she works. She was the director for the production as well!
A Modern Day Confrontation
A Modern Day Confrontation
By: Tia Marie-Nicole Glomb
© 2013
*First performed at the Garfield Center for the Arts, Chestertown MD: June 2013
Lilith “Lil” Sinclair - a confident, self realized, well put together brunette. An entrepreneur. She is dressed in a business suit; black pants and blazer and a red blouse with high heels. Her hair is in a tight bun and she carries a red purse. She has never met Eve.
Evelyn “Eve” St. James - a mousy, but happy blonde housewife. She is dressed in a sundress, sweater or light jacket, and sandals. Her hair is down and a sunhat is optional. Also, she should wear little to no make up. She has a large, bag purse. She is married to Lil’s ex fiancé.  
Original Casting
Lilith: Lucia Foster
Eve: Melody Bishop  
Midday. A grocery store parking lot. A bench set SR, next to the entrance of the store.
Intro song: "Manearter" by Hall and Oats
(EVE enter from SL, antsy and worried. She digs th

Andrea is a costume designer based in Southern California whose unique work incorporates historical costume construction. She attended the Costume College hosted by the Costumer’s Guild West which is an annual conference which hosts a wide variety of costume topics. He taught two classes, one in Gijinka costumes, and another on Regency Era fashion.
The Heidi Chronicles I.I by Andichan04

The DEADLINE  for entering the Best Production Photo Challenge is tonight at Midnight Central Standard Time.
See How to enter the Best Production Photo Challenge1. Go to the :icontheatreartists:  home page.
2. on the SUBMIT ART icon in the menu bar.
3. choose a file to upload...(follow the submission directions) - when it asks for mature content click on the correct answer.
3A. Insert the title of your piece in the TITLE line.
3B. Underneath that is a blank box where you type in your description. This is where you answer the challenge rules questions.
3C.  Click on "Designs and Interfaces Theatre Design" if you are given that option.  be sure to click on the theatreartists box in the lower area where you finish submitting your artwork. Typically, you also choose a folder on your page, too.
3D click on submit
Then, we see it in our Featured folder, and based on your description, know which TheatreArtists folder to put it in. It begins in the Featured folder. We put it into the correct folder after that based on your description.
NOTE: if your artwork is ALREADY in our gallery, just send me via a note or in the comments the THUMB
for directions.

Your humble moderator: LocationCreator
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Zohar-Bella Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  Student Interface Designer
is anyone planing something for the PQ? 
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CaseyJuly Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Professional Artist
Thanks for the add!!!!!
(1 Reply)
Texasbear Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
I have been unable to submit to the Productiion Photo Contest using the "featured" as indicated.     While it accepts the pic.   It does not allow for information.
(2 Replies)
TheyCallMeLili Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
I didn't know how to add the submission info with my Production Photo Challenge deviation, so I'm gonna put it here, if that's ok. 
First of all, thank you so much for bringing my attention to this challenge, I would have missed out on seeing all these other beautiful theatre submissions otherwise.
A.  What is the title of the play? Sweeney Todd
B.  What was your role in the production? (Milliner, First-Hand, Scenic Artist,  Stitcher, Make-up artist, Costume Designer, Master Electrician, Lighting Designer, etc…) Assistant Stage Manager/ Stitcher/ Wardrobe Head/ Associate Lighting Designer/ Production Photographer (It's a small repertory theatre, I had to do a little of everything)
C.  How long did you have to design, plan and do drawings of it before fabrication of the work commenced? We rehearsed for 6 weeks, but we only had a week in the space, and only 3 days to complete the lighting design.
D.  How long did you have to build it before opening night? 1 day to set up, 3 days to build the light cues.
E.  What was special about this production for you as a creative artist? This production of Sweeney Todd was different from any I've ever seen. We not only took away the entire element of time period, we cut the cast down to the 9 leads who sang all the ensemble parts, and we performed on a turntable set that was built to look like the sewers of London. 
F.  What odd, terrible, awful, or nasty challenges did you have to overcome to make this production as good as it was? We were working in a theatre space that's built for movies rather than live theatre so we were working on limited circuts with limited lighting rigs which is how we ended up with the red "eyes" you see in this picture silhouetting Sweeney.
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Modyman Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  Professional Artist
My submission for the Theatre Production Photo Challenge.

A. The Tempest (by William Shakespeare)

B. Director (primary function). Also served as sound designer, stage manager, costume designer, and an actor.

C. I was given the project about about 6 months prior to auditions, and began development ideas early on. As we were an outdoor production, we did not focus on set design, focusing more on costumes and sound.

D. We were given 6 weeks of rehearsal before opening night. It wasn't until our first rehearsal that we were able to begin major focus on the show, as I was involved in another show that opened the weekend before our first table read.

E. As a director, there were two special aspects to this production. The first was the idea of women empowerment. As Tempest typically only has 1-2 women (Ariel being the "sometimes" woman), and Miranda is portrayed as weak and naive, I wanted to take the concept and flip it on it's head. I changed several characters to women so they played a more vital role in the show, and changed Miranda into a more strong amazon princess type character (as seen here) instead of her usual portrayal.

The 2nd fun aspect was that we took many classic rock songs (ranging from groups such as Metallica, AC/DC, Guns N Roses, Black Sabbath) and inserted them throughout the show. However, we found string quartet covers of the songs, so they fit into the time period of the show, rather than standing out. Each song also served to progress the show. As Ariel lures Ferdinand onto the island, she sings "Gimme Shelter" by the Rolling Stones. Caliban and the fools sing AC/DC's "Dirty Deeds" as they plot to kill Prospero (played by a woman in our production), Ariel puts the royals to sleep singing Metallica's "Enter Sandman" and the spirits celebrate the marriage of Ferdinand and Miranda with Guns N' Roses "Sweet Child O' Mine"

F. Overall, there were not many challenges in this production. A little actor drama here and there, but nothing that stopped me as a director from achieving my vision.
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